Monday, October 16, 2017

More Auto Numbering features

In my previous article I described the details of the new Auto Number attributes feature of Microsoft Dynamics 365, and how to manage them using Auto Number Manager for XrmToolBox.

Since this article, a few new possibilities have been verified to be supported.

Adding Auto Numbering to existing attributes

The most important new feature is the possibility to apply numbering to existing attributes!

This means that you can now apply your own completely custom numbering to standard attributes such as Case Ticket Number, Account Number, and so on.


Friday, October 6, 2017

Auto Number attributes in Microsoft Dynamics 365

With the release of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement October service update (v9.0), two of the most requested customization features were finally implemented in the platform:

  • Multi-select optionsets
  • Custom auto numbered attributes
The first one has full customization features available in the UI out of the box, but to create and manage auto numbering attributes you have to write code utilizing SDK-functions.

This article will describe how to use the Auto Number Manager tool for XrmToolBox giving an intuitive UI to access SDK-only features for auto numbering.


Auto Number Features

The Auto Number attributes support three different types of placeholders – sequential numbers, random text, and date/time in different formats.


Sequential number:

  {SEQNUM:n} where n is the minimum number of digits.

Random text:

  {RANDSTRING:n} where n is the number of characters in the random string. Maximum value for n is 6.


  {DATETIMEUTC:fff} where fff is a standard datetime format string. See documentation.

Other text:

    Any other text may be included in the number format. This text will be used as is.