To the eXtreme


This year I will be attending my fourth eXtremeCRM Europe conference.

After joining the eXtremeCRM conference in Prague (2011), Rome (2013) and Barcelona (2014) I will join this year's edition as well, which will be hosted in Madrid on April 20-23.

Besides tons of sessions on the cutting edge of Dynamics CRM development, there are a lot of coffee breaks to be filled with other things than just cookies and coffee.

So if you are interested in taking the opportunity to meet and discuss my plugin philosophy from the CRM Rocks podcast earlier this year, or if you have suggestions, questions or feedback for the FetchXML Builder for XrmToolBox, or perhaps you would like to know how you could join our awesome team at Cinteros

make sure you find my name tag in the crowd or
just tweet me
@rappen so we can have a chat!

And cookies.

See you in Madrid!

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