Introduction to FetchXML Builder

FetchXML Builder for XrmToolBox is getting more and more attention and is now downloaded and used in most parts of the world. Current numbers indicate a total download count of about 1600, and top count for a single version is close to 400.

So I figured it was probably time to write an introduction to the tool, though I have actually received very few questions about how to use it (is it really that intuitive and self-explanatory??)

There is now a page on this blog dedicated to FetchXML Builder with brief information on how to use the tool and what features it offers.

It begins like this:

This project aims to combine the good parts from Advanced Find and the View Editor in Microsoft Dynamics CRM, the FetchXml Tester and View Layout Replicator in XrmToolBox, and the retired Stunnware Tools to create a tool that will let you do all those things that otherwise have to be done manually.

Navigate to the introduction page using the navigation bar above, or click here:

FetchXML Builder introduction

To skip the introduction and go straight to the download page, click here:

Enjoy Your FetchXML'ing!

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